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About Our Firm

Friendly and helpful law firm in Peel region

Local Lawyers

In 2012 we established Petherick Cottrell lawyers in Mandurah, a firm of experienced, proficient and friendly lawyers committed to servicing your individual and business legal needs. There is an absence of comprehensive legal services in the Peel region, and so we saw the opportunity to create a medium sized firm in Mandurah to service the local community.

pro-bono work, non-profit organisations in our community

Pro Bono Work

In terms of pro-bono work, we focus on non-profit organisations in our community who do need our assistance and may not necessarily be able to afford legal services.


It's really great to know that we have the capacity to help people in need and to get involved in instances where we are able to help the community.


Our current plans are to continue to grow all of our charitable and pro bono work year on year.

"$14,500 in Sponsorships in 2021/22"

Charity & Sponsorships

We see ourselves embedded into the local community, and as a result we like to get involved with a number of local groups and charities. Petherick Cottrell like to invest in the local people, and have always employed the philosophy that you get more out if you put more in.

All of our staff are encouraged to get involved in our local community and we subsidise or pay for their memberships whether it be the gym, sporting club or the Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Mandurah Pirates RUFC
Coastal Cavaliers RUFC
Mandurah Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service

Mandurah Pirates RUFC

Coastal Cavaliers RUFC

Mandurah Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service

"Pro Bono Work Totalling $102,800 in 2021/22"

As part of our service delivery and client focussed approach, we are able to offer after hour consultations to make us accessible and convenient, the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism to handle all nature of matters, and friendly efficient service to make managing your matters just that little bit easier.

Petherick Cottrell has gained a reputation for professionalism, success, strong advocacy, and negotiation skills. As a client of Petherick Cottrell, you will be benefited by our wealth of knowledge and professional experience as we protect and actively advance your interests in all areas of law.

The vision of Petherick Cottrell was to create a top tier law firm at a local competitive price. The firm prides itself in using clear and simple terms to advise and address legal issues. This approach is aimed at reducing complexity and providing the most beneficial and cost effective solution to clients.

The Petherick Cottrell team believes that the best advertisement is a highly satisfied client. We encourage you to consult with those that have used our Mandurah based services or consider our client testimonials. We pride ourselves with developing long term professional relationships with our clients.

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