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Collaborating with you!

Mandurah now has a team of collaborative lawyers trained to resolve family law disputes in a respectful and dignified way, without resorting to court proceedings. Claire McKenzie and Nia Lumley are members of Collaborative Professionals WA, a network of collaborative professionals in Western Australia.

All family lawyers have an obligation to set out a client’s options for resolving family disputes. Collaborative Practice is one such option, which offers a non-confrontational approach to resolving the legal and practical arrangements for family law matters, tailored to a couple’s unique family circumstances.

How does collaborative practice work?

The Collaborative approach involves a series of round-table discussions between clients and their respective appointed collaborative lawyers. Both lawyers assist the couple to reach agreement by open and respectful dialogue. Other collaborative professionals can be brought into the process, if needed, such as Independent Financial Advisors and Family Coaches.

Not every meeting will be easy and there can be challenges along the way. Despite this, the Collaborative Process offers a way of safeguarding the financial security of the parties and the emotional well-being of the children and wider family.

Why choose collaborative practice?

  • Receive advice and support from your highly trained Collaborative Professionals;

  • Avoid lengthy and acrimonious court proceedings;

  • You, as the client, are in control of the process and the ultimate outcomes achieved;

  • Protect the emotional well-being and needs of your children;

  • Preserve your dignity and privacy; and

  • Minimise emotional damage.

Collaborative practice has been established in Western Australia and other jurisdictions for over a decade. Residents in Mandurah and Peel are now able to access this service conveniently within the region. Our local team of specially trained Collaborative Practitioners is ready to assist.

Here’s what our family lawyer, Claire McKenzie, has to say:

The Collaborative approach is an invaluable process for clients. It really empowers them to explore options for resolving their family law dispute in a safe and dignified environment. I have always received encouraging feedback from clients who have chosen this process, with one commenting that it saved his family. This was a defining moment for me as I realised just how powerful the process can be at assisting couples move forward with their lives.”


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